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There are some markets and products where demand for accurate and concise analysis is at a premium. Berlinguer Limited was founded in 2003 to fill this void by providing high-touch, high quality products and services to the international banking and investment community. As a privately owned and managed company with no external shareholders Berlinguer and its staff are entirely focused on serving this key constituency to the best of their abilities.

With the launch in 2004 of FTSE Global Markets Berlinguer has quickly established itself as one of the world’s principle independent financial publishing houses.

Published 6 times a year, FTSE Global Markets offers the best comment and analysis on the world’s equity, debt and alternative investment markets.

In a market place crowded by awards, league-tables, sponsored statements and advertorials there is a real demand for authoritative and independent information and analysis that is valued and can be trusted by key decision makers. FTSE Global Markets is now the source that investment institutions and professionals active in the global equity, debt and alternative investment markets turn to when it really matters.

FTSE Global Markets provides coverage of people, firms, institutions and countries in both the developed and emerging markets. Every issue includes in-depth analysis of the key market issues for institutional investors.

FTSE Global Markets provides an accurate, authoritative and independent platform which is trusted and valued by asset management firms, pension plan sponsors, mutual funds, insurance companies, government agencies, trustees, hedge funds, broking and trading firms, investment banks, consultancy and accountancy firms, data providers, law firms, regulators, securities services firms and stock exchanges.

In 2011 FTSE Global Markets re-launched its website www.ftseglobalmarkets.com. In addition to all of the content from the current issue, it includes the latest news, blogs, videos and research as well as a fully searchable archive of over 3,000 online and printed articles.

The research team at FTSE Global Markets provides in depth proprietary analysis and research on particular markets and topics. This is then published in the magazine, online and also as bespoke outbound research reports.

As part of its 360° approach FTSE Global Markets produces high-touch, high level events, topical seminars and roundtables that bring together leading professionals and market makers who provide unique, incisive and forward-looking insights and analysis of the international financing and investment markets. The content is highly researched ensuring it is interesting and informative rather than dominated by sales pitches and anodyne overviews. This provides sponsors and speakers the ideal opportunity and forum to demonstrate their expertise and thought leadership capabilities. For more information visit www.ftseglobalmarkets.com/events.




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